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ISA ® 定製優化混合視矯正法:減少您對老花鏡的依賴

超過四十歲——需要老花鏡 (對於白內障/晶體手術顧客)
ISA®優化混合視矯正法包含定製的視力矯正方案,基於您的視力需求和獨特的眼睛數據而度身打造,儘量減少手術後對老花鏡的依賴。通過您的ISA® 定製手術諮詢和ISA® 定製13-D診斷組合,我們將為您找到最適合您的獨特眼睛、最能滿足您個人需求的治療方法。

“If you have a friend or a family member who has previously been a patient, please ask about our very special Friends & Family Program.”

Thank you for your kindness and wisdom during the treatment of my myopia & dryness of eyes. I’m grateful my experience during the ICL treatment was very positive. I’m enjoying my new “eyes” and new “vision”. My heartfelt thanks to you and the nurses who assisted during the process. I’m thankful the care I received was very sensitive and kind.

Dear Dr. Ma, The laser surgery you did for my wife and myself was just amazing. Our visual world is so much brighter and clearer, especially for me! We found your entire office personnel to be professional, knowledgeable and welcoming. It has been our joy and pleasure interacting with your wonderful team of staff! Thank you again, Dr Ma. Sincerely,

Thank you very much for the high quality of cataract surgery done by Dr. Ma so that I don’t have to wear glasses anymore! (Except sunglasses).

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